Speaking Presentations

On Communal Tragedy & Recovery

  • When the Unthinkable Happens: The Long-Term Impact of School Shootings
  • Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Lessons Learned
  • Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Creating a Recovery Team

On Resilience

  • Fostering Resilience: How High Can We Bounce?
  • Finding the Deeper Meaning in the Work we do
  • Finding a New Normal
  • The Art of Living Well

On Mindfulness

  • Ignite your Brilliance: Mindfulness in Every-Moment
  • Mindless to Mindful
  • Healthy Living: Learn How to Relax & Relieve Stress

Deb Speaks on BBC Newsnight

Deb speaks at the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness


Deb on the "Intelligence. Unclassified" podcast


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