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Essential Trauma Support- 

6 Week E- Course

Can we ever be prepared for a personal loss or mass tragedy?

Anticipating events of this nature - or any traumatic event is unthinkable. However, you can become prepared emotionally and physically to navigate such events with greater resilience, grace and presence. You will receive a unique foundation of skills specifically created to prepare for any unexpected life event.

This course can be a private or interactive experience. Please feel free to share your own wisdom, insights, thoughts and questions in our Secret Face Book group. You will be added once you register.

Week One:  Personal Trauma and Mass Tragedy

Gain a greater clinical understanding of the neuroscience of personal and mass trauma and the importance of self-care. We will talk about the types of grief and how it ties into the physical toll and manifestations often experienced.

Week Two:  Energy Psychology What is it?

How you can utilize simple techniques to support key belief systems. Learn about the mind-body connection and how to access and positively effect your subconscious and conscious minds as well as right and left hemispheres.

Week Three:  Essential Oils and Emotions: Brain chemistry and anatomy 101.

Learn the profound effect of smell on your emotions and auto response behavior? Learn the immediate benefits of essential oils on the nervous system as well as all communication centers and cells of the body.

Week Four:  Spaces of Grief and Loss and the Stages of Healing.

Clinical understanding of the stages we experiences during trauma and tragedy. Understand the Stages of Healing and how to create presence, resiliency and a healthy path to vitality.

Week Five  Integrative Vitality

Learn the 10 Laws of health, the Gut-Brain Connection and how to effectively nourish, cleanse and restore your body.

Week Six: Energy Anatomy

Learn about your primary energy systems. Gain confidence in maintaining harmony and communication in theses subtle energies. Learn specific techniques and energy points specific to the stages of grief and loss.

Course includes:

• How To Integrate, Layer And Apply Oils Into Each Class Topic To Support Physical And Emotional Harmony.

• Energy Medicine Techniques And Tips Specific To Each Topic Designed To Strengthen The Immune System And Harmonize Fight, Flight And FreezeResponses.

• Self Care Tips, Ideas And Techniques

• Handouts And Homework For Each Lesson

• Secret FB Page- A Safe Space To Share Your Own Wisdom, Insights, Thoughts And Questions

This is a Beta program. Anyone taking this unique training will be given access to the upcoming and fully videoed and extended version of each topic. This is a rare opportunity to receive this training at a significant discount.

Are you ready to empower yourself and others?

THIS is exclusive information that will empower you! You are heard, valued and honored- wherever you are in your journey. Together, we will deepen understanding and create confidence in the vitality that is your birthright.

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