Begin With Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Every-Moment Coaching is primarily designed for professional women who are experiencing some type of personal, relational, or professional transition which is frequently accompanied by exhaustion, energetic leaks, and spiritual depletion.  It can be experienced as a dulling of life when the stress of change becomes too great a burden.

Such transitions can include:

  • starting a new job or a change in job responsibilities,
  • empty-nest syndrome,
  • health changes,
  • the loss of a beloved family member,
  • retirement and much more…

Regardless of the transition, Mindfulness in Every-Moment Coaching begins with identifying where you currently are in your transition and where you would like to be instead. We’ll begin with an assessment to identify your three W’s and your H:

  • Where you are in your life,
  • What you are currently experiencing and,
  • What your goals are and,
  • How do you want your life to be?

We may use multiple approaches to help you access ease including Meditation, Guided Imagery and Relaxation, Rituals, Yoga, Biofeedback, Breath-work and Therapeutic Aromatherapy.

Ignite Your Path to Brilliance

Once this initial phase is complete, we will dive deeply into creating your Path to Brilliance!  One of the great things about mindfulness is it begins where you are, and builds on the strengths you already have.

The Ignite your Path to Brilliance Coaching Approach provides:

  • 5 key action steps to move you from depleted to brilliant
  • Personalized, individual ongoing insight, guidance and support
  • The grace of release of mindless patterns and behaviors

Education, Certification, & Training

  • Circle of Life Health & Wellness Coach
  • Integrative Yoga Therapy
  • Mind Body Medical Institute
    • Training in Mind Body Medicine
    • Mind Body Training in Positive Psychology
    • MBMI Group Facilitator


When I was at a crossroads in my career, Deb’s coaching skills were an invaluable resource. Her intuitive sense of both my strengths and fears helped clarify my goals and provided clear action steps forward. What initially seemed nebulous and overwhelming came into focus and together we found a way to make my vision a reality.
— Former Client

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