Essential Trauma Support

I am a life-long seeker of anything related to inner and outer health and wellness and have learned many things from lots of different locations.  This took time, effort and money to accomplish. I learned this way because I was unable to find a centralized location to access the information I was seeking.

This e-course has it all in one place! My partner, Kristin Van Wey and I have merged our health and wellness backgrounds, which equals 60+ years of experience into this e-course and are sharing our top tools for managing Communal and personal trauma and losses of all types.  We’ll dive deeply into understanding how Communal Traumas – events which impact entire communities, countries or the world as well as personal traumas and losses. 

Each session will offer 5 modules- a live call on the topic of the week, essential oil highlight, a self-care tip, an energy medicine tip and a mindfulness tip. This course is jam-packed with content and information! Once, enrolled, you’ll have access to course recordings, handouts and a private Facebook group where we will interact with the course members regularly.

  • You’ll learn to integrate, layer and apply essential oils to support physical, emotional and spiritual harmony
  • You’ll learn Energy Medicine techniques and tips specific to each topic designed to harmonize the fight, flight or freeze  response.
  • You’ll learn Mindfulness techniques to support emotional balance

What I love about this and what makes it so unique is the manner in which we are offering a foundational health approach, something that isn't as commonly discussed and will incorporate essential oils, energy psychology and energy anatomy, the ten laws of health, Integrative Vitality and so much more.

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