The Significance of the Dragonfly

Hey there, Mindfulness in Every Moment followers. Let me tell you about my logo, the dragonfly.

In almost all parts of the world, dragonflies are associated with transformation and personal growth.  Their character represents an ability to look into the deeper aspects of ourselves and life in general. Dragonflies hold a deep personal connection to loved ones who have crossed over. Their symbolism represents the deepest from of connection and grace. When I am visited by one, I pause and listen for the message it is bringing.

Their life cycle inspired the book, Dragonflies and Waterbugs Explaining Death to young children.  Let me share an excerpt with you that speaks to the power of transcendence and the beauty of living in each moment.

Waterbugs & Dragonflies — by Doris Stickney, edited by the Rev. Sandy Belcher

By observing the world of nature, we can often gain a glimpse of

some of the great truths about life and death. There is a charming and

poignant little parable about the mystery of life after death that draws

from the amazing metamorphosis of waterbugs into dragonflies.


The story begins with a colony of waterbugs who spend their days

scurrying around in the mud at the bottom of a pond. Every now and

then, a waterbug would climb up the stem of a lily pad and disappear

from sight. The waterbugs agreed that the next one to make that

journey would return to tell the others where she had gone.


But when the next waterbug climbed up the lily stalk and broke through

the surface of the water, she was amazed at what she saw! Her body

had changed, so she now had four silver wings, and a long tail. She was

a dragonfly! She began to fly, swooping and diving with glee through

the air, the bright sunshine warming her new body. Then she

remembered her promise to return to her friends. She could see them

at the bottom of the pond, but when she darted down towards them,

she bounced off the water’s surface. 

Now that she was a dragonfly, she could no longer go into the water. At

first she was dismayed, but then she understood that her friends would

all one day join her. They would then soar happily together in the

awesome and colorful new world air and sunshine.


In our waterbug world, we grieve the loss of our loved ones who seem

to disappear from our sight. Let us hold onto the message of the

dragonfly who gives us a glimpse of the wonder of life everlasting.