Mindfulness in Every-Moment

Welcome to my first Mindfulness in Every-Moment blog! I am excited to share my thoughts and inspirations here and would really love it if you would comment below and if feel called, share on your social media pages!

The Three C’s of Mindfulness:

Calmness, Connection and Centered

So, what exactly does it mean to be Mindful in Every-Moment?  Well, it means three things to me: calmness, connection, and feeling centered. The three c’s are interconnected, when experiencing one of them you are likely experiencing all of them!

What makes you feel most connected to yourself? For some it happens through creativity, which can be music, cooking, movement and one of my favorites is through laughter. A good belly laugh is a fabulous stress reliever and releases endorphins – the brain’s natural pain killer. It’s definitely a quick path to becoming centered and relaxed!

Another favorite way to foster Mindfulness in Every-Moment is in my own backyard. The temperatures are rising here in Connecticut which is good for my heart and soul.  I am inspired by the vibrancy that the warmer weather of spring has brought to my backyard. It is as though Mother Nature has teased the life back into the trees, bushes and flowers which are awakening from a long winter’s nap. My yard is my oasis and I spend much of the warmer months relaxing on my deck soaking in its beauty and peaceful calming energy. Nature is where I experience my deepest connection to mother earth and the divine. It is where I am most mindful and centered.

I’ve told you my paths to mindfulness. Now, please tell me yours in the comment section below.

With mindfulness and grace,