Hello, I'm Deb Del Vecchio-Scully.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Mindful Coach , I mentor purpose-driven professional women and entrepreneurs in transition to stay connected to what lights them up at work, in relationships, an in personal and spiritual growth.

As a mindfulness coach who supports healing, I believe everyone deserves to be living a full, enriching life and realize how easily the pace of life and every-day demands can hinder this from happening. We can become dull by the demands of life; pulled in too many directions and feel off-center; or be so tired as if there isn’t enough rest to be found.

Why Mindfulness?

I've experienced many personal and professional transitions and remember how challenging it was to return to work following my father’s death. It felt as though all of my mindfulness skills weren’t working any longer and I was adrift and becoming increasingly stressed. While I knew I needed support to rediscover my new sense of center, it was HARD to accept it. However, surrendering to this need helped me to re-center in the world and recapture the peace of unconditional presence once again.

You can reconnect to your highest self, ignite your passion and shine your brilliance by finding your right-rhythm, resetting your energetic vibration and becoming mindful in every moment. Through my heart-centered, soul support program, we can and will Ignite Your Path to Brilliance!

I believe you are meant to be here.

If you’re willing to make meaningful change, then I would love to come along beside you as a guide and support.

Is now the time to welcome Mindful support?

Each week, I set aside time to speak with women who have lost their shine and are looking for mindful support in navigating a transition in their life. During this Ignite your Path to Brilliance call, I use my intuitive sense and my experience in working with women in transition for many years, to tune into your energy, tap into your strengths and discuss the ways we can Ignite your Path to Brilliance! Click below to fill out a brief application to connect.